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Overview: In this project, I had the privilege of developing a comprehensive brand identity for a groundbreaking online veterinary platform known as "Airvet." The objective was to establish a compelling and trust-worthy visual and conceptual presence that would resonate with pet owners, veterinarians, and animal enthusiasts alike.

Challenges: Building a brand that embodies compassion, expertise, and convenience in the field of veterinary care.
Differentiating Airvet from traditional brick-and-mortar vet clinics.Creating a memorable identity that reflects the online nature of the service.


Research & Discovery: To understand the unique needs and aspirations of both pet owners and veterinarians, I conducted in-depth market research and gathered insights from potential users.

Logo & Visual Identity: I designed a distinctive identity featuring a friendly, stylized illustrations combined with a modern, professional typeface. The color palette combined soothing blues and vibrant warm colors to evoke feelings of trust, nature, and healing.

Branding Elements: The brand identity was extended to various touchpoints, including stationery, business cards, and online assets such as a website and social media profiles.

Messaging & Tone: I crafted a warm and informative tone for all communication materials, emphasizing the accessibility of online veterinary services.

Results: The newly minted brand identity for Airvet has already garnered significant attention and positive feedback. It has helped establish the brand as a trustworthy and innovative force in the world of veterinary care, attracting both pet owners seeking convenient solutions and veterinarians looking to expand their practice in the digital age.

Project type

Branding. Design, Creative Direction


Los Angeles


Creative Director, Designer


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