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Advertising, App


Los Angeles


Lead Designer

Overview: As the lead designer for a high-impact campaign launch, I had the honor of overseeing the entire creative process, from conceptualization to execution. This project provided a platform for showcasing my multifaceted design skills and strategic design direction.

Role & Responsibilities:

Custom Typeface: My journey began with the creation of a custom typeface that embodied the campaign's essence. This bespoke typography served as the foundation for our visual identity.

Logo Design: Building upon the custom typeface, I designed a captivating and memorable logo that encapsulated the campaign's core message and values.

Billboards: I translated the campaign's visual elements into compelling billboard designs, strategically placed for maximum exposure. These billboards served as eye-catching landmarks that reinforced our brand message.

Paid Media Assets: My responsibilities extended to designing an array of paid media assets, including digital banners, social media graphics, and print collateral. Each piece was carefully crafted to maintain brand consistency and drive engagement.

Design Direction: Throughout the campaign, I provided design direction to ensure that our visual identity remained consistent across all touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence.


Visual Cohesion: Maintaining consistency across various media while adapting to different formats and channels.

Audience Engagement: Capturing and retaining the audience's attention in a competitive advertising landscape.

Results: The campaign launch was an undeniable success, garnering widespread attention and engagement. The custom typeface and logo I created served as the pillars of our visual identity, making our brand instantly recognizable. The billboards and paid media assets effectively communicated our message and drove substantial user engagement.

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