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The Standard Hotel

Project type

Digital, Retail, Merchandise


New York City


Creative Designer

As the Creative Designer for the iconic Standard Hotel, I had the privilege of spearheading a comprehensive creative transformation that touched both the digital realm and physical spaces. This multifaceted project allowed me to demonstrate my proficiency in web design, illustration, and merchandise branding.

Role & Responsibilities:

Website Redesign: I undertook the complete redesign of the "shopthestandard" website, ensuring a seamless and visually engaging online shopping experience. This included revamping the user interface, optimizing navigation, and creating a design that resonated with the hotel's unique brand identity.

Custom Illustrations: To infuse the hotel's spaces with character, I crafted a series of custom illustrations that were later translated into captivating patterns used for interior decor and upholstery. These illustrations breathed new life into the hotel's ambiance.

Merchandise Design: I applied my creative touch to merchandise design, developing a range of products that encapsulated The Standard's distinct personality. These designs were destined for the hotel's gift shop and served as mementos of the guest experience.


Maintaining Brand Consistency: Ensuring that the design elements, from the website to merchandise, harmoniously reflected The Standard's brand and aesthetic.

Translating Physical to Digital: Adapting the essence of the hotel's physical spaces into a digital shopping experience that conveyed the same charm and appeal.

The creative transformation I orchestrated breathed new life into The Standard Hotel's brand. The "shopthestandard" website redesign not only improved user engagement but also aligned seamlessly with the hotel's visual identity. The custom illustrations brought a fresh and inviting atmosphere to the hotel's spaces, while the merchandise designs became sought-after souvenirs.

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