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Road Trippin' - Snap Originals

Snap Originals is Snap Inc.'s content platform on the app. For tier 1 shows, I was responsible for designing and concepting activations to get fans of the show excited to tune in. 


Social stars themselves, Rickey and Denzel, I came up with the idea to create a 90's inspired poster for the show for the talent to use in their at home content to serve as a billboard for the show's launch. 

The idea came from listening to one of the stars talk about how they used to have posters cover their walls when they were kids. I wanted to show them that they deserve the same recognition that they gave their celebrities as kids and see themselves there too.


Video below on one of the star's reaction  

artboard 1.png

Using images from the shoot, we also created a partnership to launch the show with PAPER Magazine.

Road Trippin'


Snapchat is a pioneer in AR technology. 

Using Snap Codes, we came up with this idea to create retro inspired post cards of the cities the talent goes to in the show to give to their friends to tune in. 

After scanning the post card

users are able to see a tv screen

appear in snapchat, with a trailer 

of the show. 

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