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Role: Art Director, Design Director, Designer

Snapchat's approach to Democracy at Snap includes the long term investment of enhancing our Democracy  by helping build the next generation of voters. 

Through our efforts we registered 1.3 million young people to vote in the 2020 election. 

- TVC - US National

- On Platform Creative

- Stickers, Filters, Lenses

- Activation on other platforms

- Custom song anthem

1.3 million registered to vote 

Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 17.44.16.png

For our efforts to work we needed to showcase real snap users talking about the issues that affect them. 

In the height of the pandemic we were able to secure 4 groups of young users to share their stories about the importance of voting.

With these stories, we were able to affect change with difference groups across the U.S. Our goal was to broadcast the important of showing up than not at all. 

Snapchat User Videos

Snapchat User Videos

J0613_Elections 2020_Phase 2_Talk With Your Vote_Snap Ad_Make A Plan to Vote_09212020

J0613_Elections 2020_Phase 2_Do Something_Snap Ad_Make A Plan to Vote_09212020

J0613_Elections 2020_Phase 2_Privilege_Snap Ad_Make A Plan to Vote_09212020

J0613_Elections 2020_Phase 2_A Post Is Not A Vote_Snap Ad_Make A Plan to Vote_09212020

In a climate where messages are easily lost, I wanted this art direction to be simple in its digestion.



For this campaign I had the idea to create the first ever custom type face for Snapchat. 

This iconic typeface would be able to be used in all of our media purposes saving licensing as well as setting Snapchat up to be a voice for the generation in the future.